Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh

Born in Hollywood California, the son of a successful studio musician, I grew up with the industry all around me. I began studying music at the age of 6 and knew I was going to join the profession when I wrote my first song at the age of 12.

From then on I absorbed everything I could about every instrument I could get my hands on, every facet of music theory, and every facet of the ever changing industry.

I’ve performed a multitude of styles from pop to jazz to funk to Celtic.

I’ve recorded, mixed, and mastered hundreds of projects (professional and personal). I’ve charted countless chord charts, lead sheets, piano sheet music, guitars/bass/ukulele/banjo/mandolin tabs and notation, drum parts, full band and full orchestra arrangements. Further more, I’ve taught both private and group lessons for over a decade.

website – LittleHouseLessons.com

Half hour: $28

Forty Five Minute: $39

Full Hour: $50 

Contact: Ian@littlehouselessons.com,

via text 978 697 7861