Evan Kesel

Evan Kesel

Born in New York City and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Evan Kesel is a 2020 graduate of Berklee College of Music where he was a four-year recipient of a National Performance Tour Scholarship. As a Paiste Endorsed Artist, Kesel is confident in his approach to holistic drumming and drum education – featuring mindfulness and body awareness. At Berklee, Evan’s teachers included Mark Walker, Dave DiCenso, and Jackie Santos. He credits his early teacher, Jamie Decato, for steering him toward a career in live and recorded music. Evan has played throughout New England and in the Boston area with groups across a broad range of genres, including jazz, musical theater, rock, country and Americana. Evan is currently recording and teaching from his studio in Portsmouth, NH.

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Via Text (603)531-9310

Website evankeseldrums.com